NHIS: Non-Hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Program
liner intallation

Liner being installed in mid-September 2006 at the Santa Maria Regional Landfill.


“The City of Santa Maria residents and surrounding communities will realize long-term environmental benefits, as unlined landfill areas are equipped with a final cover system.”
—Hector Hernandez, Water Resource Control Engineer, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Coast Region, Good News Newsletter, April 2004

Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Contacts

Dean Thomas, Engineering Geologist
(805) 549-3690

Dianne Kukol, Associate Engineering Geologist
(805) 542-4637

liner roller

A forklift with a spreader bar being used to roll out the liner material over clean soil. NHIS will be deposited on top of this layer. Two-feet of additional clean soil will be placed over the liner as a protective cover, prior to the NHIS placement.