NHIS: Non-Hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Program

NHIS foundation layer safely contained under impermeable landfill cap.

Safety Facts

Public safety and minimizing environmental impacts from the NHIS program are top priorities at the City of Santa Maria Regional Landfill. The City has carefully considered all safety and environmental factors of its usage at the landfill. The following summarizes the safety features of the NHIS program:

  • The NHIS program has been approved by, and is monitored by, regulatory agencies, including the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Rigid controls have been established to ensure that NHIS brought to the landfill is monitored and verified as non-hazardous.
  • NHIS is separated from trash by an industrial-standard flexible plastic liner to prevent any impact to groundwater.
  • State and federal laws mandate that all landfills be monitored for at least 30 years after closure to ensure that groundwater contamination is not occurring.
  • The Santa Barbara County Civil Grand Jury conducted an investigation on the NHIS program and concluded that the program is "safe, legal, and profitable."

Random sampling of NHIS material is performed for quality assurance. Before entering the landfill, samples were taken of the NHIS to determine if the soil met strict acceptance criteria.

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