NHIS: Non-Hazardous Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil Program
aerial view of landfill

An aerial view of the “Closed Active Area” of the landfill.


NHIS from the Guadalupe Restoration Project

The area covered by the Guadalupe Restoration Project is bordered by the Santa Maria River on the south and by the Pacific Ocean on the west. The Project, which will bring approximately 860,000 cubic yards of NHIS material to the City landfill, is ongoing. The first NHIS arrived at the City landfill on August 14, 2006. As of March 2007, over 100,000 tons have been delivered. Unocal, now owned by Chevron, is the generator. The oilfield site has been excavated, isolated from groundwater, and stockpiled by Chevron at its nearly 3,000-acre site in the Guadalupe Dunes. Removal of the soil is essential for eliminating all potential for the soil’s contact with Valley groundwater that is located beneath the dunes and with the marine environment. This soil must be transported to a suitable disposal site. After numerous regulatory and permitting processes, this soil has been accepted by the Santa Maria Regional Landfill.

NHIS from the Port of Long Beach

Champlin Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of Union Pacific Resources Company (UPRC), operated regulated landfarms at the oil production property. In March 1994, the Port of Long Beach purchased the oil production facilities, including the landfarms, from UPRC and selected Tidelands as the contract operator. The Mainland West Management Unit is part of the Tidelands oil and gas production and exploration operations.

This site in Wilmington, CA is undergoing a remediation process and has applied to bring the NHIS material from this site to the Santa Maria Regional Landfill. Tidelands Oil Production Company anticipates bringing in 187,000 cubic yards of NHIS material from their remediation site. The appropriate analytical testing was performed and submitted to the City of Santa Maria. The material met all required acceptance criteria and the profile was approved. Transportation of the material began December 11, 2006.

NHIS material has been coming to the landfill since 2002. This table shows a list of current and future major NHIS generators, along with past NHIS generators in Santa Maria and outside of Santa Maria.

As new information about the NHIS program becomes available, the City of Santa Maria Utilities Department staff will post it on this page. Contact us via email or call the City of Santa Maria Utilities Department at (805) 925-0951 x7270 during weekday business hours if you have questions regarding the NHIS program.

bulldozer pushing NHIS

NHIS loads being pushed by a bulldozer to grade.